But first, our own.  For quite some time, we've gotten referrals from Smith & Wesson®.  We earned their blessing finally to be able to officially state the following:  "Precision Bluing is honored, grateful and proud to be referred by Smith & Wesson® for bluing services for non-warranty firearm finishing." then of course, a disclaimer:  "We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Smith & Wesson Corp®, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates."

This is a huge source of pride for us.  We hope you'll have the faith in us that S&W® does!

At Precision Bluing, we like to let our work and our customers speak for us! Here are some personal testimonials from our wonderful clients! PS - If you don't believe them, shoot us an email and we'll send you a screenshot (with all identifying info blacked out)!


Received April 4, 2019

I finally put the rifle back together. It’s so beautiful, what craftsmanship! It turned out better than I could have imagined. My next project gun will definitely be sent to you! When I get some good photos of it I’ll send them your way. 

Paul S.

Received March 29, 2019

The polish on this revolver is amazing, and it came out beautifully given what you started with! As someone who enjoys working with his hands, I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank both of you for your work and your friendly service.

Mike C.

Received March 22, 2019

I love my Browning A-5!!!  I'm currently trying to find a new gold trigger for it and save my pennies so I can have the wood done soon. Thank you again for the awesome customer service experience and the high quality work you provide.

Randy B.

Received March 21, 2019

The gun turned out beautifully. New wood and a new bluing it looks brand new for 103 year-old shotgun. Thanks again for a great job!


Mark P.

Received February 15, 2019

I got the parts and they LOOK AWESOME! Your work is simply amazing.

Ben H.

Returned December 28, 2018


I wanted to drop you a note to let you know about the bluing job you did on one of my customer's rifle, a Remington 700 in 243 Win. First off, I was impressed with the job you did. The surface was well polished and blue was even and had a good deep dark color. My customer was equally pleased. 

Steve B.

Received December 17, 2018

Precision Bluing completely knocked it out of the park on my 1971 Ruger M77 7x57. Looks like new. Look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you guys.

Bill F.

Received December 17, 2018

I received my Colt Python today, it's beautiful! Thank you, thank you.

Aaron R.

Received December 17, 2018

Ben H. over here in Knoxville, TN. I got the parts Friday and WOW I was blown away, superb job. I was expecting it to be really good but I think the work surpasses that! Satisfied plus 10. Absolutely blown away satisfied it looks great. Thanks again!

Ben H.

Received December 12, 2018

Well I just received my Winchester 88 pre 64, and now I am 3 for 3 with Precision Bluing. I have a few others,and you can not tell this one from the factory ones. Once again, a real professional job. Thanks again Mark and Jennifer.

Tim M.

Received October 29, 2018

That barrel looked amazing. I honestly think the finish looks better and will be better than the factory finish. Thank you! Kudos on the notes that you put on the invoices. I think i will start doing that on mine for customer feed back. You guys do really good work and your customer service is beyond expectations. You are the type of people i prefer to stay in a circle with.

Chad H.

Received October 12, 2018

I'm quite happy with the result, and the few folks I've shown it to have been impressed.  One fellow said the only reason he thought it had been reblued was that he could guess the gun's age.

Glenn M.

Received September 25, 2018

I love the work they did on my Hi Power! Great job Mark ! Great customer service and genuine Great people. Thanks!

Richard D.

Received September 23, 2018

Mark and Trinity,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the restoration of my fathers shotgun. It had hung on his gun rack for many years and had seen very
little care and attention. Upon his recent death, I received this gun and immediately knew I wanted it returned to it's like new condition. A couple of
weeks after leaving this gun with you North Carolina experienced the worst hurricane since 1954 amassing huge damage and flooding. I must admit I was
quite worried about my gun not being in MY gun safe. To my surprise, before the storm hit I received an e-mail from Mark assuring me my gun was safe and
not to worry. A couple of weeks later I received a call from Mark telling me my gun was ready. I can not tell you how pleased I am with the restoration.
It looks like brand new. In fact I like the finish Trinity applied to the stock and forearm better than the original finish. I am now very proud to show my fathers gun to anyone with an interest. Again Mark and Trinity, thank you and I am sure I will be seeing you again with additional projects. Please
feel free to use this in your testimonials!

Richard H.

Received August 26, 2018

I sent in a carbon steel knife to Precision Bluing to get refinished with a high-polish blue, and I've been *very* impressed with the work they've done.
The blade looks like new, and the polish is fine enough to make out reflections. If I ever need work like this done in the future I'll be sure to consider them.

Anri S.

Received July 17, 2018

I am extremely pleased with my gun. Your bluing is very good. It turned out better than I expected! It was a longer wait than I expected (4 months), but worth the wait. I’m going to do a little advertising for you guys around these parts and tell them why my 1930’s era gun looks brand new. Well, just letting you  know I was happy with your work. Thanks again!

Jimmy W.

P.S.--- I may have some more guns that need bluing.

Received July 10, 2018

The gun looks great! Thank you very much! Very impressed with your work, I'm sure I'll be getting you to work on another gun or two soon.... Thanks again!

Brad B.

Received June 6, 2018

I am truly impressed with the Matte Finish you put on my Colt 1917.  The more I look at it, the more impressed I am with it!   Your work is top notch!!  I can't wait until Friday when I shoot with several of my shooting friends to show them the job you did and how good my Colt looks!!  I had showed several of my friends what it looked like before I brought it to you and I know they will be impressed.

I'm a member of two different gun clubs. I'm going to create a document with all of your information on it and the job you did on my Colt.  I will put the sheet on at least three bulletin boards to inform people of your business and the great work you do.  If you put testimonials on your website, you can add my testimonial to it!

Pete B.

Received May 9, 2018

I just want to thank you for the excellent bluing job done on my Thompson Center Seneca barrel.  I am very happy with the results.  It looks like a brand new barrel. 

Best regards,

Gary C.

Received May 5, 2018

Barrel and slide arrived this morning...VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!! You are an accomplished artist. Thank you.

Tom W.

Received April 25, 2018

The trigger guard came today and it is beautiful, better than new! Thanks so much. Looking forward to our future projects.

Ray H.

Received April 18, 2018

Thank you so much. You guys did a wonderful job!! Looks great.

Martin H.

Received April 12, 2018

Delighted with the bluing! I sent a "thank you" note shortly after receiving my Peerless. It looks and shoots great!

Doug G.

Received April 12, 2018

The bluing turned out great...you guys do great work!

Joe V.

Received April 11, 2018

I am thrilled with the bluing job, thank you very much!

Pat D.

Received February 16, 2018

Simply amazed at your work, thank you so very much! More will be heading your way!

Christopher D.

Received February 16, 2018

Words that come to mind when I consider all of the projects that I have sent through the years to Mark and Jennifer of Precision Bluing are: outstanding quality, excellent work and service, fast return time, and a very professional business attitude. I am a general gunsmith, and use Precision Bluing for all of my metal finishing. My own firearms, or my customers firearms, are like children that I would never allow uncaring individuals to supervise. When I send a firearm out for bluing, I know that it will be cared for, and refinished correctly. From "tomato sticks to high-end firearms", Precision will do the job beautifully. Many people will write about quality, service, delivery, etc, but the one word that I use to describe Precision Bluing is trust. Precision Bluing has earned my 100% trust! Give them a try, and you will not be disappointed!

Rick Miller at BluRaven Gunsmithing, Madison, WI

Recevied February 15, 2018

I have never dealt with a friendlier, more professional staff. Mark answered every question I had from my first phone call with patience and a truly sincere attitude. After two calls, I was absolutely positive I wanted Mark and his staff to "bring life" back to my grandfathers Marlin 30-30. He kept in touch throughout the process never leaving me wondering about the status of my firearm. Unbeknown to myself, my beautiful wife surprised me on Valentine's Day with my grandfathers rifle. She called Mark and arranged payment as well as getting my rifle back earlier than expected. Mark did not have to go the extra mile, but he did. His actions speak volumes to his integrity and business. Mark did what he promised and then some. My grandfathers rifle is beautiful. I will not ever consider using anyone else for bluing. The service I received from Mark you just don't get anymore from big name retailers or small shops in general. When you speak to him on the phone you have a conversation. You don't feel rushed and his final product is amazing. He did right by me. I am confident he will do right by you. Thank you Mark for adding longevity to one of my most prized possessions. 
                                                                                         William M

Received February 12, 2018

Words that come to mind when I consider all of the projects that I have sent through the years to Mark and Jennifer of Precision Bluing are:  Outstanding quality, excellent work and service, fast return time, and a very professional business attitude.  I am a general gunsmith, and use Precision Bluing for all of my metal finishing.  My own firearms, or my customers firearms are like children that I would never allow uncaring individuals to
supervise.  When I send a firearm out for bluing, I know that it will be cared for, and refinished correctly.  From "Tomato Sticks to High end firearms" Precision will do the job beautifully.  Many people will write about quality, service, delivery, etc., but the one word that I use to
describe Precision Bluing is trust. Precision Bluing has earned 100% trust! Give them a try, and you will not be disappointed.

Rick Miller / BluRaven Gunsmithing (Madison, Wisconsin)

Received January 1, 2018

I got the guns yesterday, words can't describe what an amazing job you did. I bet I have taken them out of the gun case 10 times to look at them! My dad is going to be floored when he sees them this afternoon. I just wanted to say one more time how much I appreciated you going above and beyond on those 2 guns. You will never know how much those guns need to my dad, his grandfather was a larger than life figure to him and I could tell how much it hurt him to see those guns rusted solid after the storm. We will get some video of him opening them up and send it to you and I hope it gives you a little sense of what it means to him.

Trey B.

Received December 29, 2017

Please accept my sincere appreciation for the great job you did on my shotgun barrel. It looks better than new! Although I don't look forward to screwing up one of my guns again, I do look forward to you making it right.

Henry H.

Received November 25, 2017

Hope all is well on your end and business is good. The revolver is amazing!!! I have yet to shoot it but those who have seen it swear it's brand new!


Received November 16, 2017

I received the gun back and everything looks fantastic! Thank you very much for the excellent work.

Wesley C.

Received November 16, 2017

I got my gun back, it's a killer job! I like it very much and will be sending more to you.

Jeff H.

Received November 9, 2017

Mark, this is Jeff C. You recently refinished a Remington 7400 for me. I got it yesterday and just wanted to say thank you. IT LOOKS AWESOME! I am extremely pleased. Will definitely be recommending you to my friends. Thanks for everything!!

Jeff C.

Received October 30, 2017

Just a note to say thanks for the great job on the Winchester Model 1903 - restoration looks great!! Thanks again!

Chris R.

Received September 28, 2017

Great job, I will certainly use you for next rescue project =)

George M.

Received July 31, 2017

Could not have been happier with the results. Thanks again for everything. I'm looking for my next project and will be in touch soon. 

Kevin H.

Received July 17, 2017

The bluing job you did was awesome. I've shown it to several friends and they are all impressed. I hadn't responded yet because I am getting the stock back later this week and I wanted to send you a picture of the finished restoration. I am very happy with what you did to my old Mossy, and will certainly recommend Precision Bluing to anybody who wants to have a gun re-blued. Thank you.

Dave P.

Received July 10, 2017

Received my barrel yesterday.  Mark knocked it out the park.  What he did is unbelievable!  You cannot tell it was ever damaged. The barrel look better than it did when new.

LaHugh B

Received July 5, 2017

The receiver looks great. You did a heck of a job. I shot some clays over the weekend and it functions flawlessly. Thanks again and if I need to do another I won't hesitate to send it to you. My buddies couldn't believe it was the same gun.

Mike M.

Received June 27, 2017

I received my cylinder today for my 1932 H&R Sportsman and I'm extremely pleased! There had been some slight pitting and the bluing was very worn. I'm a detail oriented person and I must say the bluing (High Polish) Mark done was flawless. Very prompt and professional with just the right amount off personal contact. These folks care about their workmanship! How refreshing this day and age! I WILL be a repeat customer. Thank you Mark & Jennifer.

Received June 2, 2017

The first thoughts I had when I saw the parts WOW!!! I was really impressed with the barrel and once I got the rifle back together, it really does look good. I can't remember what it looked like when I got it as a teenager, but your bluing is much better than Remington's I can assure you.

Jerry B.

Received May 29, 2017

I have had Mark and Jennifer do several rifles and shotguns for me and I could not be more impressed with their work. They are the best in the business!

Dennis C.

Received May 17, 2017

I sent a 1954 Stevens to Precision Bluing with hopes I would be able to refinish the barrel. It came back far better than I could ever imagine. And it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Jeff K.

Received May 8, 2017

Hi Y'all, Sure am happy with the job you did on the Winchester 64 carbine . Just finished the stock (took me all week) now I am finishing the forearm. It looks awesome . Thanks a million.

Tim M.

Received May 6, 2017

They both look great customer very happy with the colt and I am happy with the Smith it looks much better than when I sent it to you. Great job.

Corey S.

Received May 3, 2017

I am extremely happy w/the job you guys did.

Owen K.

Received April 27, 2017

We are very happy with the work! Thank you very much, we really appreciate it.

Brent M.

Received April 26, 2017

The bluing you did was just perfect! I will recommend your service to all my fellow shooters.

Del S.

Received April 25, 2017

The bluing job on the Charles Daly is excellent. Changing the barrel from a high polish to a matte completely changes the look of a firearm, making it look more modern. Nice job.

I run a part-time business repairing older firearms. You guys will be my bluing shop from now on.

Rick S.

Received April 22, 2017

Absolutely love the job you did, your reputation as one Americas finest craftsmen is well deserved! 

Christopher T.  

Received March 27, 2017

The gun part that I had blued needed a very fine high gloss finish along with some flat satin highlights. The turnover time was faster then I expected, also the end product was as good as factory maybe better, friends tell me it's like a mirror. It's been a very good experience dealing with this business, the man's years of experience shows in the quality of work and his staff is great to talk to, bottom line, good work , good price , good people.

Dan B.  Sanborn, NY

Received March 23, 2017


   You did a wonderful job on this 1927 Ithaca Trap gun. As you know it was in hirable shape with so much rust and pitting I couldn't imagine it coming out so great the barrel looks better they a new one. I was a little worried when you called a said the receiver was to pitted to make it gloss blue because it would show all the pitting and you suggested to make it a matte finish winch I said I don't like. You said that you could make it a satin finish I was reluctant and said do what you think is best. I am so pleased with the way the receiver came out it. It compliments the barrel and the wood so well. Thank you for as terrific job and super fast turnaround. I have enclosed before and after pictures.

Thank You

G. Seagraves 

Received March 23, 2017

Thank you for the EXCELLENT bluing job you performed on my 1985 Bulgarian Makarov.  I purchased this little pistol sight unseen off the internet, and when it arrived it looked like it had never been cleaned.  The original bluing was mostly gone, there was some pitting, and a lot of holster wear.  Mark took this gun and absolutely brought it back to life with a nice factory finish.  I just LOVE IT!

Not only that, but I chose expedited bluing and had the gun back from him in five days!! Communication with Mark and Jennifer was absolutely excellent throughout the process.  If you have a bluing job in mind, look no further!

Mark in ND

Received March 10, 2017

Not only am I impressed with the finish but most importantly the State Trooper who's retirement gift it is! It was his first firearm when he became a police officer. He had to buy it himself because he worked for a small town. He was hired by the troopers and had to sell the pistol to buy wedding rings. Almost 30 years later it was bought back by his troopers friends. Given to me to get working again, and sent to you for a beautiful bluing job. Thank you for the great work!!

Received March 03, 2017


Mark was right!  Better than new!!
Good luck in your new facility.



Received February 13, 2017

I have had dozens of guns re-blued in my life, never have I been any more satisfied than I am with this 1100 receiver. It matches the new barrel perfectly. You will be doing all of my projects from here forward. Thank you for a job worth the money!

Ricky Hoyle



Received February 10, 2017

I'm so happy that my barrels look "factory new" again. I was a little bit edgy about having a matte finish instead of the original high-lustre, so it was providential that you overlooked the work order. Great work! If I ever need any bluing work done you can rest assured that I'll be having you do it.

Thanks again,

Max Lokers


Received July 15, 2016

Thanks so much for your service. The receiver looks perfect and the turn around time was very fast. I appreciate the wonderful customer service and will be using Precision again in the future.

Thanks again,


Received June 20, 2016

Hi Mark and Jen

  I just received my Side By Side barrels and I want you to know this gun
looks better than new !! I love it !!!!   I just wish you could blue me back
to new again !!! LOL !

 You will see more work from me in the future !  No doubt ..

Thanks a million,
Vince from Philadelphia

Received June 16, 2016


I wanted to let you know I am VERY impressed at your blueing and will continue to send any future blueing needs your way.  Thanks again for taking care of it, and I look forward to dealing with you again.


Tim Swift

Received April 2, 2016

   I got my Swedish Model 1896 Mauser back from Mark on Wednesday and put it back together on Thursday. All the purists say that refinishing ruins the collector value. This gun is not all matching numbers so is not that valuable to start with. However the bore is almost like new. When I got it all back together (with no parts left over) this thing is a thing of beauty.  This fine rifle was made in 1900.  Way beyond my expectations for the money spent. 
    Jennifer called when the gun arrived at the shop. Mark called me at 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday to let me know the gun was on it's way back. This gun is beautiful. Great customer service and a perfect finish for this old rifle. Rare to find service like this these days.
Outstanding results!!
Judge James Peters

Received January 15, 2016

You asked me to let you know what I thought about the bluing job on the barrel and parts, I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. It looks like a new one. I am sending you a couple of pictures of it after getting it all back together. The stock looks different because my Dad cut it down some so I could shoot it when I was just a small boy, probably four or five years old, and now I'm close to sixty three. Again thanks for a great job and also for your professionalism in actually doing just what you said you would throughout the whole transaction. That is a rare thing to find these days.
David Abel

Received December 29, 2015

Mark, received my Lanber barrels the other day and they look terrific.  Wish I had taken a before picture to show the previous owner, he'd be shocked!  Was a bit concerned when I picked them up at the Post Office and the bubble wrap was hanging out of the shipping box.  Really glad you had them so securely packaged with newspaper and bubble wrap as the shipping box looked like it was run over and then backed up over for good measure!  I have a couple of other old doubles that I am thinking about restoring and I would definitely use your services again.  Thanks again for the fine work.
T Puchlerz



Received December 13, 2015

Hey Mark,

Just received my cylinder today and wanted to let you know that it looks great. Exactly what I wanted and looks at home next to the bluing on the Colt’s barrel (albeit less wear, but I’ll fix that soon!).

I’ll keep your cards handy in case I or any of my pals need your services.

Hope y’all have a great Christmas.


Steve in Los Angeles


Received July 20. 2015

Mark & Jennifer;

I am very happy to tell you that I got the shotgun receiver back today and I couldn't be more pleased! I had some concerns that some of the fainter markings might be obliterated during the polishing process, but my fears were groundless. The polishing and the bluing are absolutely first rate and are well worth the money - the receiver looks like new again. You are indeed masters of your craft!

I am still grinning from ear to ear as I put the shotgun back together...     :  )

Thank you both very much!

Most sincerely,

John Ferry

Received July 13, 2015

Just received my Browning barrels back from you and they are perfect. This gun is very important to me and I searched the internet to find someone who puts their heart and soul into the trade and I found you. Thank You so much for a job of perfection.

L. Spangler

Received June 8, 2015

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job bluing my Sako Finnbear barrel. I got the parts together &  finished the gun last week, and it looks outstanding. It was well worth waiting for.

Paul T.

Received April 13, 2015

Hello Mark,
I was finally able to retrieve my S&W Model 41 barrel from the post office today.  Thank you for doing a fantastic job with the prep and bluing!  That's the way the gun should have come from the factory!  I am more than pleased with the results and wouldn't hesitate to use your services again. 
Thanks again,

Very Respectfully,

M Swanton

Received April 15, 2015


Great bluing job.  The shotgun is beautiful.

I do some restoration of old firearms on the side.  This one was for family, who will be extremely pleased.

My wife thought it was gorgeous.

Tom Southerland

Received April 3, 2015

Hi Mark & Jennifer, just received my rifle and it really looks great. I give you an A+.

P Winkleman

Received April 2, 2015

Mark,  I received the 1885 Hi-Wall and it looks amazing. You and your team were able to make this gun come back to life. It is wonderful to have this piece of our family history looking like it did when it was new.

I have enclosed some pictures that I took prior to send it to you.  I have also included some pictures of a H&R .32 S&W. I would like to have it restored (buffed and shiny) as well as have your gunsmith go through it and make it safe to fire.  If you are interested in doing the .32 send me a ball park estimate and I will ship it out.

Thanks again for your amazing work..

Rod Hill

Received March 17, 2015

Hello Mark,

I received the lever back yesterday, and it looks superb! I appreciate you taking the time to take care of the small Guy. I have a Buddy who has a Gun store in Lancaster, Oh, "Barnes Guns", I will post your card on his board, we are pretty nuts about Guns in this part of the State.

I will think of you for any future needs, and recommend your services.

Best regards,

Pete Wyman

Received March 7, 2015

Hi Jennifer & Mark

The Remington rifle that you recently refinished was a project piece that was found in an attic. It was left there in the upright position for better than 20 years from what the original owners family had said. It was thickly coated with dust and the barrel and receiver was heavily pock marked and pitted with rust spots through out, and with that, the stock was moldy! It's saving grace was internally it was obviously well oiled when it was stored and it cleaned up internally with no issues.

It was a great candidate for refinishing. Due to the deep pitting , it was questionable whether or not the original finished could be done. Mark (& company) has done an excellent job and was able to polish it back to a factory high glass condition. We look forward to the snow melting this spring and getting to the range and having some fun with it.

Thank you Mark and Jennifer.

Sean B

Received February 20, 2015

Mark & Jennifer, I am very satisfied with the matte finish bluing you did on my octagonal barrel and rib. I have completed the assembly and it looks great. See attached photos. Nice work!


Mark McClenahan

Received Dec 25, 2014

Gave you and Jennifer a great commendation on face book today for your work, included your address.

Hope this helps you out, thanks so much and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Sonny Hayes

Received Dec 20, 2014


Sorry for they delay in sending pictures of the 30-30 you blued for me. It came out great. Attached are some pictures. I have recommended your work to many people. Keep up the good work.
Steve Houston

Received Oct 16, 2014

Received the gun a few days ago and it looks remarkable. Just awesome. I'm getting the wood done now and cant wait to send you guys a picture!!! Thanks so much for making her look pretty again!!!

S. Eckleberry

Received Oct 16, 2014

I am really pleased with the polishing and preparation work done on my Colt Gold Cup Slide and the finished Bluing process was fantastic. Many Thanks Mark on a job well done. 

The bluing on my Colt Gold Cup Slide was incredible, I know that was the easy part but the attention you paid to the polishing out of the corrosive marks on the slide was fantastic and no loss of the Colt roll marks either. Please use me as a reference for others.

David Metzler

Received Sept 12, 2014

Subject: Model 99 savage

Message: Unbelievable , What a job. I expected it to be nice but wow. I redid the wood, and the gun looks like you just opened the box for the first time.  You certainly are a master craftsman. I am looking to pick up another rifle that needs to be rescued . My brothers and I will be giving you more business soon. Thanks a million!!!  I don't sell them, they  stay in my collection.

I'm sure proud of this one. Thanks Tim


Received Sept 9, 2014

Mark, Jen, got your letter with the screws and check. The screws fit and the gun is back together and looking great. Took it by one the local gun stores today, the owner, his son and a gunsmith all said very nice. The gunsmith took it back to his shop and looked it over, he said very nice bluing job. I even had a county sheriff deputy wanting to buy it and the shop owner said he knew several that would buy, I stated they would have to to have a pile of cash and its not for sale. So I am getting compliments on the gun. Thank you both for the work you have done. I am comtemplating sending you my next gun to refinish in the very near future, dad's model 12 made in 1954, after I left home he did not take care of the guns as I did when there. 

Thanks again for the great work and now a great looking model 37



Received August 4, 2014

Hi, Mark & Jen
A few weeks ago you refinished a smooth magazine plate for me and gave it a matte finish. I just wanted to say thank you, the new finish looks great! I replaced the thin, tin, magazine plate that came on my rifle with the plate you refinished. The new plate was a nice upgrade!
Thank You,
Ryan Neu

Received July 7, 2014

Hi, Mark and Jennifer
Received PPKs slide and parts last week.  Looks Great !  Thank you so much for great job.
I spent whole July 4th weekend for reassembling my PPKs.  Here is a couple of image of my Walther PPKs.
Sorry for my poor Photographic skill.  It is 200% better than my photos.


Received on April 9, 2014

Mark and Jennifer,

I got my Springfield 1903 back from you 2 Friday’s ago. It looks FANTASTIC! I’m going to have a hard time shooting it now because it’s so pretty. Thanks so much for turning my family heirloom into a beautiful piece of art. I’ve given your card to my father-in-law as I think he may have an old 30-06 that needs some TLC.

I will certainly be calling you if/when I am in need of bluing jobs in the future.

Thanks again,

M Just

Beulah, ND


Received April 2, 2014

Hi to All at Precision Bluing
I want to thank all of you for the great job you did on my Daisy 300 scope, it came out great and matches my BB Gun to a T. I will send you a picture when it is all together, and I also want to mention the note in with the scope was heart warming to read. Thanks Guys for above the call of duty Job for me., and Get well soon Mark....CHEERS Jim


Received on February 28, 2014

Hi Mark,

I returned home from a business trip today and my parts were waiting for me. All I can say is WOW! Am I pleased! The CZ Hammer is Perfect. The Matt Finish and color is a perfect match to the CZ Polycoat. I have assembled the pistol and it looks beautiful and functions great. The Ruger Front Site Blades are excellent. I installed one on my Mark III Standard and it also looks perfect.

Thank you very much for doing an excellent job at a very reasonable price.

Take care,

J Price

Seneca, SC


Received on January 25,2014

Hi Mark,

I got the Chief’s Special just as the postal service told me when it would arrive. That bluing looks deep and I’m very pleased with it. The action is a bit rough, but I think it just needs to be used to get back to full smoothness. On balance, I’m very glad you were able to get the pivot pin installed. As I wrote earlier, I hated to see this piece relegated to parts when it could be brought back to full condition.
Many thanx for the fine service, greatly appreciated.We could use some of your snow out here! Very dry winter so far.


J Peek


Received on January 22,2014


Great job on the slide, done so well ,I will be sending another one down, in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

R. Pacini


Received on January 9,2014

I just received my Buckmark barrel back from your shop. Excellent job!!!

Thank you,

M. Kowalski


Received on December 3,2013

Thank you for the wonder job you did on my shotgun. You do a fabulous job with a quick turn around, I've already recommended you to several people and I will continue to do so in the future

Gerard Meyer


Received on October 30,2013

Received my barrel back from you today and I was absolutely "floored"! You guys are AMAZING! You took the barrel of a pitted 1969 A-5 Browning and made it look like it just came from the factory floor. Whomever said that there is no more true craftsmanship left in the USA was sadly mistaken. THANK YOU GUYS!



Received on Sept 7, 2013

I apolgize for taking so long in getting back to you Mark. The blueing job you did on my 870 was terrific. The gun looks brand new with no visible evidence of rusting pits. I have been making a stock and forearm for it and have had some terrific comments on how much the gun looks like a TB Grade 870. Your suggestion of going with the matte finish was spot on. Quality work is hard to find now days. Any one who asks about where to get a gun blued, I direct them straight to you.
Thanks for a great job....Randy


Received on July 18, 2013

I received my late father's Mossberg 152 on Tuesday. You guys made me cry! It looks EXACTLY like I remember it from when I was ten years old. BTW - I have dropped your business card off at our local gun shop. THANK YOU! (My dad thanks you as well.)

G Kraeck


Received on July 17, 2013

I just got my 2 revolvers back from being re-blued. They look like they are new in the box from Smith & Wesson. Precision, your guys are amazing!!

Joseph Johnson


Received on July 5, 2013

Precision Bluing did a great job restoring a family heirloom, my 30.06 handed down to me from my Dad. Thank You!

D. Horning


Received on June 26, 2013

The re-finish of my large lever loop for my Marlin 336CS conversion to a 1885 model, came out fantastic. Once again the timely quality of your work is much appreciated!!!!

Larry Van Brunt


Received May 15, 2013

Hi Mark,
Kevin Brady here. I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the work you did on the .22 bolt action rifle. The final finish was well above expectations and the quick turn around was amazing. Looking forward to sending you my next project!


Received on April 18, 2013

It looks like you used old fashioned pride and craftsmanship when you reblued the Smith and Wesson 38 special that I inherited from my father. I would compare your skill to that of a Swiss watch maker. The detailed craftsmanship really shows up on the finished product. This pistol has my fathers memory attached to it for he used it when he owned four laundromats to insure his personal safety when handling money retrieving coins from the machines and restocking the bill changers . He served in the Korean War as an infantry soldier and then came home and pursued the American dream with a strong work ethic. You share the same values he believed in and I could not have chosen a better place to preserve the (old mans memory).

CDL Fuente


Received on April 17, 2013

I received the gun this morning and have just put it back together. It looks beautiful and I am so happy with the way it came out, way beyond satisfied.Thank you so much for the great job.

Thanks again,



Received on April 10, 2013

Many thanks again on my Winchester Model 1894 - Rec'd in mail this evening and very pleased, you did an exceptional job.



Received on April 10, 2013

Just now opened packing slip. Well it was kinda like your wife going to store leaving as brunette coming back a silky blond. Took a little getting used to. But you and Jennifer did great job with what you had to work with. Glad I sent to you and Jennifer.

Have more to send later!

Thanks David


Received on March 15, 2012


My Woodsman looks great. It is like I took a time machine back to 1940 and bought a new gun. The color and sheen is perfect.

Thank you very much.

Ernie Walke


Received on March 10, 2013

I just got my Kimber 1911 back from Precision Bluing, the gun was given to me by a family member who had passed away from cancer. The gun was a little beat up & i was not sure what to expect. I am amazed! the gun is beautiful & looks like new- i can't say enough about Precision Bluing personal service & quality. I felt the price very fair & now that i see the results- i should of been charged more!

Thank You so much Mark & Jennifer-ill be sending your more treasures to refinish for me.

Jaime in Ct


Received on March 10, 2012

She's HERE!! Very, very nice!! I love the combination of the matt finish on all the 'curved' surfaces of the receiver, and the bright blue on the flats!
Looks great with either barrel mounted.
GREAT JOB!! I am really thrilled!

Very Best & Thanks Again,



Received on February 25, 2012

Mark thanks for the great job you did on my old stevens model 54a Its like having a new gun.


Mark Maskel


Received on February 10, 2012

I got the Winchester 97 back today and it looks very nice. It did take me about 3 hours to put it back together, but I finally made it. Thanks for the good job.



Received on February 9, 2012

Just a quick note - I received the barrel via UPS this afternoon. Great job! Once again, thanks for the great job that you did on the barrel.

Best Regards - Dave Harrison


Received on January 27, 2012

Hey Mark and Jenn,
Hope all is well. Love my Remington 11, what an awesome job. Did you get my email with pics for the customer testamonial? Promoting you where ever I go. I have a Fox B double, can you do case colors on the receiver? Will be sending you multiple guns very soon, working on my 2012 additons to my personal collection, too busy!!

Brian Melton


Received on January 27, 2012

Mark/Jen, just wanted you guys to know I finally got a chance today to shoot that Mod.12 that frustrated the hell out of both of us.

Most of all, I wanted you to know I got lots of complements on the finished product to your credit. I did do a refinish to the nicely figured wood on that gun that I admit I am proud of but your bluing got a two thumbs up. I just bought a new Browning 725 and was the first time to shoot that gun also so I had two new guns to shoot today and was proud of both but that mod.12 got more attention than the Browning.

Just wanted to share some good stuff after all the frustration. Maybe this in some way makes up for all the grief you had.

B Terrell


Received on January 24, 2012

Thanks Mark for a great job on my Winchester model 50.I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. The gun looks like new. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank You, Jack


Received on January 18, 2012

Writing a little for your testimonials. The year 2012 did not start out well with the loss of a couple of close friends, and the decision on my part to get in a rush, so that I might need more medical attention by running a wood chisel through my index finger. It did look like a bad year in the works; however, then UPS delivered the Precision Bluing box last night. What can I say to you except all is right again with the universe!!! The sun has risen, and Mark has performed another one of his miracles in the beautiful restoration of an old & battered double barrel shotgun, or as he would state "a tomato stick".
Mark's work speaks for itself, and anyone who is contemplating sending work to Precision Bluing can rest assured that their parts will be done to perfection. I have had Mark work on many different types of firearms through the years, and all are excellent with never any issue. If you truly desire to do business with a professional organization then look no farther than Precision Bluing! Jennifer is an excellent manager, and Mark is a true miracle worker when it comes to any metal finishing. Needless to say that they will always have all of my bluing business. I should mention that on top of the excellent service they are also just downright very nice people.

Rick Miller


Received on January 2, 2012 via LinkedIn

I tried the store bought cold bluing kit for my 1978 Remington Wingmaster 870 and couldn't get the results I had hoped for. The gun was badly rusted and I sanded and cleaned it best I could before attempting to blue it myself. Sadly it just never looked right, so I searched the internet and found Precison Bluing. The price was very competitive and figured I didn't have much to lose.

I sent them the receiver and I got back a perfectly polished and blued job. I couldn't believe it and even my wife was impressed.

They polished out scratches even I couldn't get out before they blue'd it. It looks like a new shotgun now. You can't beat hot bluing.

I recomend Precision Bluing to others. You won't be dissappointed. Posted by John Martino


Received on December 28, 2011

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband loved his "new" Browning for Christmas. He was amazed at how beautiful it was and he was so SURPRISED! He said he never would have guessed that I'd have it "gussied up" for him. He is planning on sending you his other rifle to have you work on it.

Your care and sensitivity to my needs was so important to me. Thank you again and God bless you and Jennifer this coming year. Beth Christopher


Received on December 21, 2011

To say that I was Pleased with the out come of the rebuking of my shot gun would be a gross understatement.Yesterday was like Xmas and I was 10 years old again, the more I uncovered , the happier I was. I can tell that you enjoy what you do ,it is reflected in the work you do.

Thank you So Much - G W Wood


Received on December 21, 2011

Just received my shotgun and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the complete job. You folks did a tremendous job and provided me with just what I wanted. Hope you all have a great Christmas and my thanks to you once again!

Larry Thomas


Received on December 20, 2011

Good Morning,
I received my K98 that you folks were kind enough to reblue for me. I first wanted to thank you for the fast turnaround. In a time where fast is rarely akin with quality, it is refreshing to know there is a company that takes as much pride in workmanship as they do in customer satisfaction.
Keep up the great work and I look forward working with you for many years to come. Thanks again!

Merry Christmas Danny PS - a gunsmith of some 50 years saw my rifle and said it's one of the best bluing jobs he has seen. Thanks again!


Received on December 16, 2011

I recently sent you a Winchester model 90 to be blued. It was in such bad shape before I sent it to you that I wondered if it was a waste of time. When I got it back-WOW! I originally paid $275 for it and sold it for $1000! That's the kind of work you do, keep it up.

Regards Pat Choate


Received December 14, 2011

I recently sent you a 541-s Remington barrel to be blued.i have been a gunsmith for over 40 years and I have never seen better work in my entire career. The barrel came back beautiful. There are no buffing marks. The Remington logo and other writing on the barrel still look factory, not a buffing mark in it.there is no way that anyone can tell this from factory blue. I will surely send you more work and will advertise for you.

Thank you for a great job and very reasonable prices. Bill Mitchell


Received on December 9, 2011

I just received the complete gun in the mail via UPS about 30 minutes after I wrote to you. Please tell Mark that the bluing was first rate and every bit as good as any factory bluing that I have seen. After putting a little oil on the barrel the gun looked as if it just came from the factory. I am very satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the price.

Thank you again for bring an old gun back to life. Larry


Received on December 7, 2011

Hi Jennifer and Mark,
Wow! Met my highest expectations for the final result. Made my crappy workmanship invisible. Good updates, follow up and knowing what I was wanting with one conversation over the phone. Now I need to find a new project and/or wear out one of my other toys so I can send it to you. Only in the USA.

Thank you. Louis


Received on November 11, 2011

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my Mini-14 yesterday in excellent condition. I am very, very pleased with the work you had done in cleaning it up. I still have more guns that need work so look forward to receiving them in the near future. You are truly a magician in the gun restoration business.

Thanks again. Kenneth Jones


Received on November 10, 2011

Dear Jennifer,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: "I had a 1973 Walther PPK/S refinished by Precision Bluing, Inc. It came out absolutely beautiful. It looked well used when I purchased it. It was polished and media blasted before they hot salt blued it. The backstrap was pretty rough but now it looks like new. No pits, no flaws and the little red or white dots have all been redone. I just could not have asked for a more beautiful job. I'm keeping the pistol forever!"

Michael Lehner Service Category: Firearm refinishing Year first hired: 2011 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


Received on November 2, 1011

I just got a chance to reassemble my model 12 that you guys reblued for me. I was quite impressed with the attention to detail! Thanks for a job well done.

I have two more model 12's for rebluing. William Anen


Received on LinkedIn on October 27, 2011

Luke Olson * Well my story begins with an attempt to re-blue a 336 Marlin using a cold bluing kit, the same kit found nationwide at sporting goods stores. I followed the directions exactly and the results were just unimpressive. The second weekend of my 2010 Deer season was a snowy mess. It was the heavy wet snow that left my gun and me soaking wet. After getting home I wiped the metal with a dry towel. And the bluing looked worse yet. The next day I was thinking I would reapply the bluing so I went to the safe and the gun was completely rusted.

I turned to the internet to find a place to have the gun re-blued. I found Precision bluing and sent my gun out for a very reasonable price.
When my gun arrived Mark called and let me know she was safe. A little over a week later I received my beautiful 336 back. The bluing is factory new, probably better than factory.
The moral of the story is that removing the factory finish and cold bluing the steel is worse than just leaving it alone. If you want the highest quality bluing on your firearm send your gun to Jennifer and Mark. You will not be disappointed and I truly mean that!


Received on October 25, 2011

This gentleman sent us the most heart-wrenching letter about his gun's history as well as his own recent obstacles that he had to overcome. The letter is a full page so I've included it here as a PDF that you can open.

Letter from Mr. Charles Riley


Received on October 17, 2011

Mark and Jennifer
I want to thank you both for the great job you did on the parts for my Winchester pre-64 model 70!! I could not ask for better quality. I will admit I was hesitant to send these parts to anyone as replacements would be difficult to obtain, the service from your company was outstanding, priced fair and great turn around time. An honest business to deal with.

Thank you both C Wyler


Received on October 5, 2011

Hi Mark,
Attached are photos of the shotgun you blued for me, it came out beautiful. As you can see I made a shadow box to display it in.
I also did some research as to it's origin it turns out there was no Mississippi Vally Arms Co. it was just a name used buy Shepieigh Hardware of St. Louise in the early 1900's.
I am sure my brother-in-law will enjoy it, I will give it to him this week end. There are two photos, one together one apart taken before I sent it to you.

Thanks again for your high quality workmanship.



Received on October 4, 2011

Good Morning Mark,

I received my slide yesterday. It matches the finish and color of the new Colt perfectly! Excellent job. Thanks for the quick turn and quality work.



Received on October 4, 2011

Aloha Mark and Jennifer!

Just wanted to thank you both for a GREAT job on the 1911. The quality of work is beyond my greatest expectations. I will in the future send some more of my rebluing needs to you...

Thank you,



Received on September 29, 2011

Mark and Jen,

I received the barrels for my Grand Dad's 16 gage LeFever by UPS today. After cleaning residue from the bore and some exterior crevices, I used fine steel wool to bring the front sight back to bright brass, oiled the bores, exterior, ejector mechanism and re-assembled the gun. She looks brand new! Thanks for the great job. I was also pleased to receive the refund Jen sent. I am always touched when a business recognizes military service.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

Brian C. Ragland

LTC, USA, (Ret)


Received on September 27, 2011

Mark and Jen,

I have read your customer testimonials, and all the comments like wow , amazing , fantastic, etc. have all ready been used. So just let me say thank you, it is very rare today to have your highest expectations exceeded ,but you managed to do exactly that.

Ray Soccio


Received on September 20, 2011

Mark & Jennifer,

WOW! I received the 308 Winchester today and I was once again amazed at the fantastic craftsmanship of your shop! The rifle looks absolutely beautiful! This one is new rifle number 7 that you have done for me and it along with all the others is a masterpiece of phenomenal work, attention to detail and maximum wow factor! Thank you again for all that you have done for me.

This is another fine rifle from DST Precision Firearms (Dupra, Smith & Tribble)... I have attached the pictures I took after putting her all together for you to check out...it is one sexy looking rifle!

Thank you again and take care!

Ray Tribble


Received on August 12, 2011

Hi Mark,

I am sending this email as an endorsement for the quality of your gun bluing. I recently sent you a Remington Express 12 ga. and an older Remington Wingmaster to be refinished. Both guns were returned to me in absolutely beautiful condition. The Express looks like a Wingmaster now and I couldn't be happier with the results.

You did everything you say you will on your website, you took the time to speak with me on the phone several times. I can say without hesitation the quality of your work and your customer service are both top notch. I plan on being a repeat customer and will be sending you more guns for rebluing. Thank you for a job well done and a pleasant buyer/seller experience.

Mike Dunlap, MI


Received on August 8, 2011

Hi Mark,

The Stevens .22 looks fantastic! I really wish I had taken a "before" picture because the transformation was amazing. After 30 years (at least) of rust and neglect it's hard to believe that my grandpa's rifle, that he used to put on the table with during the Great Depression, looks brand new. Maybe better!

Thanks again for saving a cherished family heirloom. Nathan Peck

St. Louis, Missouri


Received on August 2, 2011

Mark & Jennifer,

I have been building custom rifles on and off for 25 years. I have never had, or wanted, the means to blue them. I have always sent them out to other people to have them blued, with so so mediocre results. Then I gave up on building . I did not want to get in to finishing guns because my focus has always been accuracy and quality of internal workings, I could never find a finisher that was worthy. Finding You folks (through a good friend) has renewed my faith in the American crafts man. You are truly masters of the trade. The pictures are on the way.

Stephen Dupra`

Custom Gun Builder


Received August 1, 2011

WOW! I wasn't expecting it to look so good. It looks like its brand new. I can't wait to see the before and after pics get posted so I can show my buds and show them what they are missing out on. Definitely using you guys in the future. Thanks for such a magnificent job.

N Loiaza


Received on July 30, 2011

Hello Mark & Jennifer,

I received my barrel shroud today and all I can say is WOW! Mark I am one to believe that gun bluing is a form of artwork and you my friend are an artist. I also appreciate the phone call clarifying exactly what I wanted done to my gun part. Jennfier, your quick and pleasent e-mail replies made my decision easy on who I was going to use for bluing service....I can't thank you both enough...

Best regards

Ken Griffin


Received on July 28, 2011


Thanks for the great work done on all the past jobs for us. I could not ask for better quality. My customers were very impressed.

Thanks Again!

Northup's Gunsmith Service - class 1 Dealer A&O Mold and Eng. Inc. -Class 3 Manufacturer

Anyone in my area Vicksburg,MI , I will do transfers to Precision Bluing at cost. Thanks Again Mark!


Received on July 25, 2011

I recently sent in a 40 year old 22 that was a very special sentimental rifle and the results were much better than I expected - it looks better than new and on the refinished stock returns me to my childhood and fond memories - I have a 20 gauge that needs the same special treatment that's next.

G. Helfrich


Received on July 20, 2011

Jennifer and Mark,

I have been going to write to you and let you know that you do great work. I have been in business for over 30 yrs as a Gunshop, and a Gunsmith. I have used several different blueing comp. in the past, some have been good, but did not outlast my need for blueing. Since I have found you all, I am back on track with good Blueing.

Again, thank you all from Florida. Wacos Gun Shop

William A.Corgnell "WACO"- owner

My gun shop is now for sale for retirement, great location for Gun and small Pawn.

(If you are interested in this fantastic business opportunity, you may contact Mr. Corgnell at wacogunsm@aol.com. Remember, as of right now, Florida still has no income tax!)


Received on July 20, 2011

My experience with Precision Bluing was awesome. I really appreciated the time that Mark took to explain the process, the communication along the way was great and the finished product was outstanding. My 60-year old Ruger looks new.

Thanks Scott Severson


Received on June 15, 2011

Mark & Jenn

Got my two (2) Browning Auto Fives back from you and what could I say but "PERFECT". I examined every square inch of those guns and could not find any imperfections. You guys are outstanding. Thanks again, will be sending you more in the very near future and telling anyone who needs bluing done that you guys are the ones to USE.

A. Senatore


Received on June 10, 2011

Hi Mark and Jennifer,

I got my Winchester model 61 back and it looks like it came from the factory even though it's over 60 years old. The gun was really rusty from years of sitting behind the seat of my dad's truck. Certainly glad I didn't try to reblue it myself as I had originally planned (would have been a mess). I'm very impressed with the outcome...rust gone, no streaks, consistent color, and barrel/receiver print is still sharp.

Thanks again!

B. Broadwell


Received on June 8, 2011


Received my Winchester yesterday. Took about 45 minutes to reassemble it and it's beautiful! Thanks for the great job and I will recommend you to my friends.

Richard Schneider


Received on May 22, 2011

Mark and Jennifer,

I think you sent me the wrong pistol back. I received a brand new matte black finish Browning Hi Power 9 mm. I think I owe you some more money. Seriously, you have done a fantastic job refinishing my pistol. Mark, you were right, matte black was the way to go. It looks very military. Your gunsmith out did himself fitting the parts. I hope you took before and after pics. Put them on your website as a tribute to the wondrous work you do. Worth the wait. If you don't have before and after pics I do, I will send them to you. Know that each time I strap that pistol on and go out into this scary world we live in, a piece of you comes along with me.

Thanks again, and be safe. Jeffrey Bussolari


Received on May 21, 2011

(From Bob Mitchum)

Hey Mark, Got it back last night. Great job!!!! Very nice work, looks great in the stock.

Thank you!


Received on May 15, 2011


Just got the Marlin 39 mountie back together that I had you refinish.Excellent job,looks just like a new gun.I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a gun reblued. Thank you for a job well done.

Roger Davis


Received on May 13, 2011

Mark and Jennifer,

I received my barrel yesterday.It looks great!!!

Thanks for Your Service. I will spread your name around.

Thanks Again, John Logsdon


Received on May 12, 2011


Both Bob and I are extremely impressed with your service that you did with my barrel. I mentioned to Bob that with your cost and how great the coating that he would no longer use others for bluing. This should increase your production as you are a great bluing person.

Again thanks for the work you did and if I ever need this service I will contact you again.

Andy Dietrich


Received on May 10, 2011

Hi, Mark and Jennifer:

Received my old rifle a few days ago. I couldn't be more pleased. Truly excellent work.

Thank you very much.

Bill Burklow


Received on May 5, 2011

Mark & Jennifer,

Got back Smith&Wesson 1000 barrel, you guys have done a great job looks better than new. Just wanted to send you this email to tell you to keep up the good work and say Thank you very much for your great workmanship.

Thanks again,

Pat Choate


Received April 27,2011

Hi Mark,

Nice job on my two Winchesters..06 and 62! The 06 Expert had a nice deep, rich blue.


Pat Choate


Received on April 22, 2011


Just received the package. The pieces look great. I am also really impressed by your packaging. Looks like you have done this a time or two.

Tom Moore


Received on April 19, 2011

Jennifer I would like to make a comment for you to post on your testimonial page, if ok.

Mark made my 50 year old Winchester look new with a flawless finish and attention to detail and quality.

Jim in Utah


Received on April 18, 2011


I wanted to thank you for the great bluing job you did on my Springfield 1911. The bluing was rich and deep in luster that restored this gun to it's original finish. I also appreciated your calls confirming my order and receiving by pistol. Thank you again for the fast turn around time. I will surely recommend you to my friends and associates.

Best Regards,

Gabe Vega


Received on April 18, 2011

Hi Mark:

Just a quick note to confirm the slide arrived. It is beautiful, just as I had hoped! You will now be my go-to guy for blue jobs. Many thanks.



Received on April 17. 2011


I am very pleased with the work you completed on my 1898 Springfield 3040 Krag Rifle. I have placed the rifle in a show case, along with other prized weapons that I own. The restoration you did is amazing, I almost looks like it was just delivered to the US Army from the Springfield Armory. The cost was very reasonable. Thank you for the very professional job!!!


Larry Van Brunt


Received on April 15, 2011

Mark and Jennifer,

Received my 1100 and extra barrel back today - awesome!! Looks like new. I'm impressed. I put on a new stock and forepiece as well and the gun looks better than it did new almost 40 years ago. I'll definitely recommend you should I hear of anyone looking for rebluing. I'll send a photo next week.

Again - thanks. Definitely worth it.


Richard Fabbro


Received on April 15, 2011


Finally got around to sending you a picture of how the Colt 22 conversion kit and STI frame turned out. You wondered about being able to add the plunger tube with messing up the blue work so included a picture of the tools used, no problem.

Again thanks for the great work, the lady I did the work for was thrilled.

Jerry Reninger


Received on March 31, 2011

I received my model 12 back another outstanding job. The bluing you have done is factory perfect. I appreciate the timely manner in which you work & the honesty & pride you take in your work. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. I will be shipping out my other firearms which need bluing to only your company.

Yours Truly,

Ed Keating


Received on March 21, 2011 - this was one of the best ones yet!

I hate to bother you but I was wondering if you had an estimate of when my marlin model 29 (22 pump) would be done. I sent it in a month ago and you told me due to personel problems it would be at least a month. This is my first resto so I am rather anxious. I sleep various hours due to my work schedule so an email would be fine. There is no rush what so ever.

Thanks, enjoy the day.


Peter Button

holy shit ! As I type this the ups man came with the 29 !~!!!!

Beautiful job, it won't be my last, and 5$ back besides !

Wow, I cannot say enough, I am so excited,like a little kid in a cabela's for the first time ! thanks



Received on March 10, 2011

Hello Mark & Jennifer,

I just received the custom Mauser in .270 Winchester that you Matte Blued for me… ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE AGAIN! This is rifle number 4 that you have blued for me and it looks absolutely stellar! Once again I cannot thank you enough for such fantastic workmanship. I built this rifle for my grandson and he will have it for the rest of his life. I know if he does not… grandpa will keep it for sure! I know he will love it and I personally appreciate the both of you making a very special project complete! You should have the 35 Whelen that I built in your shop by now and I am already excited to get it back and install it into the stock I built… it is sitting here eagerly awaiting another impressive blued rifle.

Thank you again for doing such a phenomenal job and all the friendly hospitality!

Take care and talk to you soon,

Ray Tribble


Received on March 3, 2011

The Hawken rifle looks great! I'm very pleased. Thank you!

Mike Rasper


Received on March 2, 2011

Mark and Jennifer:

I received my Winchester today and it looks fabulous. Thank you for the great job, and your friendly, personal communication was unique and truly appreciated. This old .22 was given to my father by my mother when they were barely out of their teens. As you know it had seen some hard use over many years. My mother gave the rifle to me after my father passed away eleven years ago. I proudly display it in my gun cabinet, and I would never part with it.

Thanks again to both of you.

Bill Burklow


Received on February 26, 2011

Hello Mark and Jen,

I just received the cylinder that you blued for me. I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on it. After I assembled my S&W it looked like new. You couldn't even tell the cylinder was reblued it looked as good as new. Just want to thank you on high quality work. And I will recommend you to all my friends and shops that I go to.

Thanks again

Gene Y


Received on February 23, 2011

Hi Mark,

Just a quick note to let you know that the bolt shroud arrived and It looks Great, matchs the receiver!! Again let me say your blueing Service is way above many in the business get get a gold star from this customer!

With My best Regards



Received on February 12, 2011

I received the gun yesterday afternoon. You did a fantasic job on it. Thanks so much for the good work. You may use me as a reference if you want to.

Lon K. Dillard


Received on January 26, 2011

Hello Mark & Jennifer,

I wanted you both to know I received my Colt 1903 Slide and misc. parts in todays mail and can't tell you how pleased I am with the work that you have done.

I will have to admit at first I was hesitant to send off, but after talking to Mark on the phone I was put to ease. The slide flats are nice factory polish with all the rest a awesome matching Matte finish. All exposed small parts the same matte finish. Talk about turn around time? I believe it got back before you even cashed my check. Then returned a check for $10.00 out of $100.00 to include shipping! Service is the best that I have ever been exposed to.

Food for thought, the frame for this build they tell me won't be even on the production floor for work until March 4th! I wish I had sent you the whole project. I will be sending a thumb safety for bluing to match small parts. ( I broke the original taking it apart for finishing...and had to wait to win a bid for another original colt part to be sent to me then to you.)

Anyway not to ramble on, You folks can sure use my email as a reference if you need one, doing the work like you did on my parts you can count on me coming back any time I need finish work on my Colt's. You guy's set the mark for everybody else for customer service, quality and all around fantastic work.

Again thank you both so much!


Received on January 20, 2011


WOW The gun looks AMAZING. It looks brand new again! I am so happy with the result of the rebluing! The gun looks like its new out of the box, even though it was manufactured in 1933! I also got a new stock and foregrip for the old savage 99 so when I'm done finishing them I will take some pictures for you. WOW! I would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks so much!

Kevin Schick


Received on January 19, 2011

Hello Mark & Jennifer,

I wanted to let you know that I have sent you another Remington 700 Action to have blued. I included the payment and info. inside the package with the action. You did a superb job on the last two actions that I sent you, and look forward to getting this one back as well.


Received on January 7, 2011

When I unpackaged my rifle today I was very impressed with what I saw. I thought it truly looked like it did when it was new. I can once again be proud to own and use this rifle.

Thank you Mark for a quality job.

Brad Butler

By the way - this man is an INCREDIBLE photographer! Check out his work at www.bebutler.com!


Received on January 4, 2011

Thanks for the great job you did on my rifle. I will let everyone know what a great job you did. Again thanks!


Received on January 4, 2011

Yes, I arrived in time to be assembled for Christmas. I was surprised how different the color of the receiver (brown) vs the barrel (blue) was. Mark had warned me that the receiver may not blue at all. Since I had stripped all the color our of the stock, the brown receiver looked very nice with it. In all a great job. I'll be breaking down the sweet 16 Browning soon, so expect another package. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Mark Kothe


Received on December 3, 2010

Mark & Jennifer,

I heard the honk outside as the UPS driver rolled into my driveway. I ran out to meet him and right back inside after signing for the package. I ripped into the box like a kid on Christmas morning and have been staring at this fantastic looking 6.5-06 that you did such an awesome job bluing for me for the past half hour! Just like every rifle you have blued for me… this one is beyond perfection. I am always extremely impressed with your work and attention to detail… you are an incredible craftsman sir. You and Jennifer have always been the absolute best in communication and help when answering my questions. I built a thumbhole stock for this rifle and will send you some pictures when it is completed. I thank you VERY MUCH once again for a phenomenal job and your professional service! I hope to have a 35 Whelen completed on another Mauser action within the month for you…

Take care and have a Happy New Year!

Thank you both again,

Ray Tribble


Received on November 20, 2010


I don't know if you were able to find my facebook account from this email address but I found your facebook link. I don't know if it is a group or what, but I just wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the outstanding work and the customer service. I cannot think of one company that I have called and after a minute felt like I was talking to someone I've known for a long time. I really felt at ease and could not be more pleased. I was just looking at your customer testiments, read where one person said they recommend your business to everyone, and thought I'd let you know I already have. I sent your facebook link to all of my facebook friends that enjoy weapons in their past time. It is a large number as I'm a retired Air Force MSgt with friends retired and still on active duty.

I was so pleased I went through the other six long guns I have to see if any of them could use a facelift. Presently everything I have doesn't require rebluing but rest assured when I pick up another that needs it, it will be in the mail to your business. I'm still amazed how a gun 67 years old looks brand new. I don't know how many times in the week since you sent it back that I've taken it out of the gun case and marveled. Thank you again for the service and please don't fall to these hard times, you have a great art that I'd hate to see disappear.



Received on November 19, 2010

Hi Mark & Jennifer: 11-19-10----11:45 AM
UPS just dropped off my Gun.You did a wonderful job on on this old shotgun. I can't wait to show the guys at the club. It's been a pleasure doing business with both of you.
The next one is going to be a old Rem. 870.



J Coleman


Received on November 16, 2010


I wanted to give you a note back regarding the work done on this Woodman MT. I was absolutely blown away by the quality and care that went into restoring this gun. When I sent it to you, I had some serious concerns as to whether or not the rust and pits would come out. When I got it back, it looked like a brand new gun. I could not find any inclusions anywhere. The finish is superb! I was also very impressed with the care you took into restoring the mags as well. This came out wonderfully!

Your sales pitch is modest, your delivery is superior! This was worth every penny, and I will use you again and recommend you to anyone. Thank-you so much.

Kindest Regards,

Jason Skeffington

American Hunting and Firearms


Received on November 13, 2010


I received my gun yesterday. Wow it is even better than I imagined. You guys really do nice work. My friend was here and helped me put it back together. He was impressed and I think you might be getting his 22 ruger soon. I even posted photos on facebook and told everyone you did it. Thanks again and if I get another deal on a weapon you can rest assured if it needs bluing it will be coming your way. When I get some time I will post to your web site. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

VC Cook


Received on November 7, 2010

Mark just letting you know that I received my rifle and that I cant find a single flaw. My baby looks better than new. Thanks for a job well done.Also I want to let you know what a pleasure it was doing business with you and your office manager. Everything was just as you said it would be. Its nice to deal with true professionals.

Thanks again

George Whidden


Received on October 14, 2010


Nice job!!! Better than expected. I'll be sending more your way.

Steve in New Hampshire


Received on September 20, 2010

Dear Mark and Staff,

I want to thank all of you for the best service that one can ever get. It started with the first call with you receptionist (whom made me feel extremely comfortable right from the beginning) She explained to me how to send my handgun to your company, the phone call I will get the next day. Which I did get from Mark. Two days later I was ask if I wanted my trigger and hammer blued. I was called again to let me know that my gun was ready and will be sent out. My gun was sent out the same same day as they promised.

My gun hasn't been used for over twenty years, and it had a lot of rust. When it came back, to my surprise, it was like brand new again. I was totally amazed by the workmanship that this company has done. They far exceeded their reputation in my book. And yes, I recommend this to everyone. By the way, the price was extremely more than reasonable.

Thanks Again,

Al Isola.,California



Received on August 20, 2010


I just received my barrel back from you and I have to say thank you! The barrel looks brand new and it far surpasses my wildest expectations. You are a true craftsman!

Captain Shawn Meiman



Received on August 19, 2010

Jennifer and Mark,

Received the "renewed" Berthier rifle yesterday. She looks great. She will have a special place in my office for years to come. Thanks for your great service.


Glenn Weber


Received on August 13, 2010

Hi Guys,

Received the newly blued last week and it looks better than I expected for a gun that’s over 100 years old. In fact it looks beautiful! My only problem was remembering how to reassemble all the parts again. I just finished putting it back together and it functions perfectly.

It is truly a gem in my collection.

Thanks for the great job and quick service. I will send you a picture at a later date.

My best,

Hoagland "Hoagy"


Received on August 11, 2010

I just received my model 37 and was EXTREMELY happy with the finished product. It is better than I could have ever expected, it looks like a brand new gun. I will gladly send you any gun I need to get blued in the future and recommend precision bluing to anyone who asks me about QUALITY bluing!

Thank you again,



Received on August 3, 1010

Great job on the guns - very good work, very nice! Love it. I will be sending you guys another custom German Mauser rifle in a few days. I picked one up on Gunbroker that needs bluing. It should be delivered to the gunshop today so maybe sometime this week I will be sending it out to you. Thank you great job! As soon as my wife comes back from visiting her family in CT and brings back the digital camera I will take pics of the guns you blued and send you some pics. They are beautiful! Thanks a lot!

Bob Mitchum


Received on July 9, 2010

Mark and Jennifer,

Thank you so much for the excellent service and bluing done on the pistol. I can now sleep at night knowing that Precision Bluing has treated the metal.

I am an avid shooter and a law enforcement firearms instructor. I will pass the good word to my buddies at the range about your outstanding work.

Clayton N.



Received on July 8, 2010

I am really pleased, truly amazed, all over beside myself, how about really happy about how my shotgun turned out. The only problem that I have is now I will probably have to buy another gun to hunt with. The one you refinished is too nice to take afield. I shall definitely spread the word about your wonderful talent as a craftsman.

Sincerely, Bill Kohler


Received on June 25, 2010

I'm writing to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my Red Label barrel and trigger guard. Great craftsmanship, communication, turnaround time, and price. If I ever need to have another bluing job done, I won't hesitate to contact you.

Thanks again.

John Der Hovanisian


Received on June 19, 2010

Mark, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic job you did on my 338 mag, It looks better than it did when it was new. Offsetting the action and the bolt with the matte finish really looks good, I decided to leave the bolt blued, I like it...

Mike Roberts


Received on May 25, 2010

I just wanted you to know that I received the Enfield parts and the look great! I have been traveling around recently and haven't had the time to put it all together until last weekend. I am very pleased with your work and am grateful for the time and energy you spent making this old warhorse come back to life.

Thanks again... I will definitely keep you first on my list for any additional bluing projects.

M Lucas

Seattle, WA


Received March 28, 2010 (On MerchantCircle.com)



Received February 3, 2010


I would like to Thank you for the outstanding craftsmanship you did on my Remington Model 14 rifle . I know that this rifle never looked so good as my father in law has owned this gun since new and he said it himself .

Mark , I will be sending you another rifle in a week or so, a Marlin. This one was my Dad's, given to me when he passed .

Again, Thanks , And I'll let everyone I know of your work.


Randall T


Received January 15, 2010

I recommend Precision Bluing. My experience:You never know what your getting into when you send your "stuff" half way across the US to have some service done ... I have a 1948 Marlin 39A 22 that has been our family for over 60 years and it needed to be redone... I checked with a local smith and the price was over fifty dollars more than to have it sent to Precision....Jennifer said Mark is a very conscious person and treats each gun like his own. Well I sent it to Mark and I couldn't be happier... it is the best this rifle has ever looked.. his work is immaculate. He buffed it out perfectly and blued it to a deep beautiful blue. Every screw and piece was done with precision and they came individually bagged and bathed with oil... This baby looks nice

Paul R K Mn

PS They have a sense of humor and are easy (fun) to deal with. They missed my first email and were a few days late in answering and apologized all over the place...


Received January 14, 2008 (On MerchantCircle.com)

Fast and reliable, this guy can blue your stuff. I had a rusty barrel blued to high gloss finish, it looks great.


From Olen at HuntersOnly:

I met these folks at the Eastern Sports Show, they are nice people and seem to have a good quality service. If you need bluing done,check them out, Olen. (From HuntersOnly website)


From Pete F:

Guns received today. EXCELLENT execution! Makes me wish I had sent the blued parts of the adjustable Anschutz butt plate mechanism along with them. Oh well, c'est dommage. Ever need recommendation, just ask.


From Phil W:

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the blueing job you did for me. SUPER!!! You'll be getting more business soon and recommendations to all my friends!! I bought that used Red Label dirt cheap because the bluing was gone, you raised it's value tremendously!!!!

Thanks Phil


From Don Maser:

Jennifer, I received the bolts today. Very nice job. They look great installed in my two mausers. When I need a bluing service again you get the business!

Thanks, Don


From a bluing customer:

I received the gun parts with no problem, and assembled the gun. It looks great! I didn't have time to shoot it yet, but the action works very smooth.
Thank you for a job well done. It even surpassed my expectations with the extra polishing which was done on the receiver. I will soon be sending another gun for re-finishing.



Mark and all,

I just got home from the hospital and found the parts had arrived for my rifle. I can't tell you how beautiful that rifle looks. It's as though I just have taken it out of the box. The pictures do not do justice to your work but I love it.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful job. See the attached pictures.



Hi Mark

I received all the parts today. Everything looks great. What a good job!! Thanks



Jennifer and Mark,

I can't tell you how happy am about the job you did on my uncles gun. I have spent more on the gun than it is worth. My uncle is gone and he would be proud of the shotgun. I will be using the gun as soon as I get it back together. I really appreciate ya and will be sending another firearm shortly.

Yours Truly, Clay B. Oklahoma


By the way, I got the piece today and I'm a craftsman myself at my own trade which is psychology and can definitely tell craftsmanship when I see it and your job on my rifle was one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship I have ever seen in my 61 some odd years on this planet. Keep up the good work and if you ever need a reference which I'm sure you probably won't because your work speaks for itself; please feel free to let any of your customers contact me and I'll tell them how satisfied I was with the work you did on my rifle.

Thanks and Aloha!! Jaime (Hawaii)