Q: Do I need an FFL to ship my bluing project to you?

A: The important thing is not that you have an FFL, but that Precision Bluing has one, which we do!  We are allowed to ship directly back to you as it is your personal property, but only to you!  For entire firearms or receivers, an adult signature is required upon receipt.


Q: How should my firearm be packaged?

A: It is extremely important to pack it safely and securely.  The USPS makes some excellent shipping tubes that we HIGHLY recommend.  They are free on their website: www.USPS.com.  These do not blow apart at the seams like a typical round tube will (and does!)


Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: Our standard turnaround time is between four and five months.  Once in a while we'll receive several firearms all at once from a customer (we had 35 come in one day recently), so that may alter our timeframe.  We will try to let you know though if it may be longer.


Q: How much is the shipping charge?

A: Shipping back to you will be $35.00 for entire firearms or $20.00 for a receiver or barrel alone.  Handguns are returned to you USPS Priority, adult signature required and are $25.00 as well.  All shipping charges include insurance for its safe return to you.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Government regulations prevent us from shipping firearms abroad.  All of our bluing services at this time are limited to customers in the United States.


Q: What should be included in the shipment to Precision Bluing?

A: First, a ziploc bag!  Be sure to put any and all small pieces in one!  Then tape it to the barrel packaging, but PLEASE, do not use duct tape if it will be adhered to the firearm itself. It is extremely difficult to remove.  Second, include your name, address and telephone number.  There is a Packing Slip you can print to use.  This is preferred.  We will call you when your package arrives so that you will know it got here safely.


Q: Can you blue handguns?

A: We can indeed!  These, however, have to be shipped to us overnight via whichever mail service you choose to use and with adult signature required.  Unless you have an FFL though, you CANNOT ship your handgun to us via USPS unless it is a black powder.  We do return handguns via USPS though as we have an FFL and this is the least expensive way to go.


Q: Why should I have my firearm blued?

A: If yours has perfect bluing, it's not necessary.  If you have ANY scratches or even the slightest sign of rust though, it will eventually ruin the firearm, both functionally and aesthetically!


Q: How often will my firearm need to be blued?

A: If you take proper care of a new bluing job, it never needs to be done again. We include a care sheet with each shipment that will tell you how to do this properly.


Q: What is the difference between the finishes?

A: Each finish simply uses a consecutively higher grit during the preparation for bluing.  For example, a 400 grit finish and bead blast produces a flat matte finish which very closely resembles Parkerizing. The higher the grit, the more reflective the finish.


Q: Is there a disassembly fee?

A: We want to be able to put all of our effort into giving you the best bluing job you have ever seen in your life. Disassembly takes away from that time but we do understand that some fireams are complicated, so we do offer the service for $125.00, which does include reassembly.  If your firearm comes in disassembled, it is returned disassembled due to potential liability issues.


Q: Should I send the screws?

A: Absolutely!  We hand polish and blue these as well which will give your firearm a perfectly uniform look when completed, not to mention we are one of the few bluers that clean and polish the slots of each individual screw! 


Q: What if I do my own polishing first?

A: Yes, it would be cheaper BUT if all of the oxide in the micropits is not removed prior to bluing, you will get what we call "bloom".  It's a little brown flower that grows from the smallest of pits. Eventually, you will need to have your firearm blued again.  Why take the chance?  Polishing is a part of our process, so we will be doing it again anyways~  Also, we will not be able to guarantee the work if we do not do the polishing~


Q: What is your address? Where do I ship to?

A: Our address is: Precision Bluing 110 E Church Street, Creedmoor, NC 27522


Q: What is your telephone number?

A: Good question!  We LOVE to actually speak to real people.  Our phone number is 607-656-4356.  If you get that pesky voice mail, please, leave a message.  We promise to call you back ASAP.


Q: Is there anything I should be concerned about after having my firearm blued?

A: There are a few things you should certainly keep an eye on. Avoid exposure to moisture. Bluing is chemically induced rust, or "forced rust." Exposure to water can cause flash rusting on the surface of your bluing. Keep your firearm oiled regularly, and if you plan to store it for a long time, wax is a longer lasting option. Bowling alley wax and Butcher's Wax are typically what we recommend. Avoid using "corrosion/rust inhibitors". *THIS WILL REMOVE BLUING!*