Precision Bluing Supports Our American Heroes

American Heros

Here at Precision Bluing, every day is Memorial Day.  Every day is Veteran's Day.  Every day is National Law Enforcement Day.  Every day we appreciate first responders.  Jennifer's mother was one.  If you are a veteran, law enforcement officer or firefighter, active or retired, send us proof of such along with your packing slip and project and you'll receive 10% off of your bluing services for life!


Or, if you'd prefer, we'll donate your 10% to Fisher House, or in lieu of a well-rated charity that assists disabled law enforcement officers, fire fighters and their families, to your local police force or fire station.  We figure you'd rather your money benefit your community directly anyways!


We get up every day and go to work in a business we created, that we built from the ground up.  We are able to work in that business because we have the Second Amendment.  We are able to get up every morning and go to work without having to ask someone's permission and without having to fight for our lives.  We are able to OWN our own business because of this glorious, free country.  And we are able to do all of that thanks to those who have sacrificed their lives both literally and figuratively to fight for and preserve those rights.  For that, we are daily, deeply grateful - to each and every one of you.