Shipping Info

We know how hard it can be to send off a family heirloom/favorite hunting rifle, etc to someone you have never before met. We've had to do that too and it can be nerve-racking!

These are some things we do to try to prevent any further gray hairs from taking up residence on your head:

  • We are always happy to run a small test piece for you. This way you can check out the quality of our work without the investment of your precious possession. We only ask that you cover return shipping.
  • BEFORE SHIPPING AN ENTIRE GUN - be sure it functions!  Take it out and run it through its paces.  Have some fun!
  • Always ship your project encased in cardboard.  Even if in a gun case, put the case in a cardboard box.  UPS charges a higher rate if this isn't done.
  • Try to use anything BUT a round shipping tube.  The triangular tubes from any of the carriers work great.  You may have to order some from the carrier's website, but they are free and hold up very well.
  • Wrap your gun securely.  Best to wrap in paper (newspaper, butcher's paper, etc), then bubble wrap.
  • We ask that you send this Packing Slip with your shipment. 
  • IF YOU ARE AN FFL HOLDER - please be sure to include a copy of your current FFL in your shipment, and if your business is located in North Carolina, a Blanket Resale Certificate.
  • We ask for your email address so that we can send to you a tracking number when we ship it back to you. We return ship most packages via UPS. If the delivery time isn't convenient for you, check out which allows you to schedule the delivery when and where it's convenient for you! You can also electronically authorize delivery.
  • Enclose our Packing Slip and ship!  We will call or email you when it arrives so that you'll know it got here safely.

Many of our past customers are available to talk to you to provide reassurance about our work.  We make ourselves available to you via phone, email, fax, forum, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and a number of other sites.  Never do we want you to get that creepy, "Crap! What have I done" feeling. We are here with and for you every step of the way!