Care Sheet

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The bluing process on steel is a true conversion coating, meaning that the surface has been changed into something else. The process in hot salts converts the ferrous metal surface into a black iron oxide compound called Magnetite (Fe3O4). The magnetite is quite porous and to prevent moisture from penetrating and causing rust, a seal must be applied and maintained. A good oil or wax must be applied with a lint-free, soft cloth.

Fingerprints should be wiped off and the surface resealed after each handling. Every time a metal part is touched, a portion of oil is removed leaving the surface unprotected and vulnerable, subject to rust.

By keeping an oily cloth in a small covered container in your gun cabinet and making it a habit to wipe your gun down after every handling, you can increase the longevity of the bluing on your guns. Don't EVER use navel jelly - as bluing is actually a rust process, this will remove your bluing as well as rust.

Never put a moist gun in a gun case for storing! Very expensive guns have quickly turned into a pile of flaky rust by people making this mistake!

Humid weather is another enemy. Pick the driest spot in your home to store your guns and protect them by cleaning and oiling them regularly.

When bench shooting, always rest your gun on something soft to avoid scratches. Avoid scratching any surface. If micro rust should form, 0000 steel wool with oil will remove it, however, do not let it become too extreme.