Current Projects: Marine Corps Commemorative Thompson!

Y'all, we just got the COOLEST gun in, and wanted to share it with you - a commemorative edition Thompson 1927A5! We are lucky enough to be doing the entire project, lock, stock, and barrel!

"Once in a great while, a single firearm can change the face of war. The United States Marine Corps was first to adopt the Thompson after it proved itself in Central America. By the time America entered World War II, the Thompson was a superstar in the Corps. Once called “The deadliest weapon pound for pound, ever devised by man”, it was the perfect weapon for the Marines, who built their reputation on engaging the enemy face-to-face. The Thompson gave them a huge advantage in close combat fighting and helped turn the tide of countless battles in the Pacific. Anywhere the Marines saw action; you could hear the roar of the Thompson." (Ref:

We are so thrilled to be working on such a unique firearm! Stay tuned for our "after" pictures!